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A two bedroom condo in Midtown Atlanta was in need for a complete renovation. Previously an outdated space, including out-of-style wallpaper on the walls, ceilings, and doors, we removed the wallpaper and gave the space a fresh, new paint job.

We updated the whole interior by replacing the flooring, cabinetry, countertops, window treatments, and accessories – all exhibiting a clean, modern style. We achieved a glamorous look through variations of cool greys mixed with a warm color palette of burnt orange, brass, navy blue, and rich brown.

We also played with the tiling, adding a wow-factor to both the living area and the bathroom. In the living room, we covered a large pillar with grey metallic tiles – creating an artistic, modern showpiece. For the master bathroom, we utilized the same tile, as to keep the design cohesive, as a glamorous vanity backsplash.

Photos by Melodie Hayes

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