I’m not sure if this is normal, but when I was in college, I used to collect magazines and pages of rooms that I absolutely loved.  I of course, was going to have all the money in the world, and was going to make my future home exactly like the pictures in each of the magazines I had collected through the years.

I graduated, moved to Georgia, found my cute little townhouse, and immediately started shopping around for the pieces I had found in the magazine pages from over the years.  I know we’ve all heard the phrase “Champagne taste on a Beer budget”, but really, I couldn’t even afford the Beer option haha!  What most of us realize once we strike out on our own is that really those egg crates and hand-me-down furniture pieces are beautiful, and with all of the “DIY” tricks these days, those can make your home “cute” and you can get away with it for a while.

I’ve realized though, that I’m officially entering “Adulthood” as I’m getting ready to turn the big 3-0 (GASP!!) in March.  I was recently reading through Elle Decor and found a great article they had released stating the “10 Things You Must Have in Your Home by Age 30”.  So naturally, before reading I though, hm…game on!  After reading I realized I have a lot of catching up to do, but thought it would be fun to share some of the things Elle Decor feels are important for any 30-year-old to own.  How many do you have?!  Are there any not on this list that you think should be staple by the time we reach “Adulthood”?  Let us know!

10 Things You Must Have in Your Home by Age 30

1. Art You Love

This could be a special painting handed down through the generations, a painting from a hipster street artist, or even family photos.  Artwork is unique and special to each person.  Find something that strikes you.  Something that makes you feel and causes you to pause.


2. An Organized Bookshelf

I 100% agree with this one.  There is nothing that can make more of a statement than and organized or stylized bookcase.  I have them in my home, and love placing my favorite knickknacks or pretty books on display.  It’s a great way to add color and character to your home.


3. Matching Towels

This one I most definitely failed.  I have such a mish-mash of towels in my home.  I have some Whinney the Pooh, Donald Duck, Minney Mouse and a couple stripped beach towels in bright colors.  While usually I’m a fan of mixing colors and patterns, I’m not sure that works in this case!


4. A Plant

I’m offering an alternate to this one for those of us who do not have a green thumb, or like one of our designers (whose name will remain anonymous for her sake) who intentionally kills plants because they’re too much of a hassle.  I vote a plant OR fresh flowers.  Both are great ways to bring life into your home.  Adding color whether it’s green or bright red with a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses is always a win.


5. A Nice Mattress and Headboard

Reem actually wrote about some great options for headboards in her post “Why Don’t You Sleep On It?”.  If you are in need of checking this one off of your list, swing by her post and look at some of the easy and beautiful solutions for creating headboards.


6. A Collection

Does your shoe collection count??? Yes???  Check out these sweet bobble heads I found on Pinterest!


7. Bathroom Accessories (That Aren’t Plastic)

Well, sometimes the plastic ones are just as cool as the others, so I’ll offer an amendment to this one as well.  Once again, this is a great way to add texture or personality into your bathroom.  I’m going to go get this cool gold tooth toothbrush holder!!


8. A Favorite Candle (Or knowledge that You’re Not a Scent Person)

I’m SUCH a sucker for the candles at Anthropologie (WHO ISN’T??)  I also love candles like the one shown below that are visually beautiful, offering a no-scent option while still creating that “Homey” feeling you get.


9. Two Bedside Tables

Okay I am in LOVE with this rustic wood stump side table.  Your tables don’t have to be exact matches if that’s not your style.  Jazz it up and mix your colors and styles!


10. A Luxurious Throw

I am JUST recently able to check this one off of my list thanks to our Designer Vanessa and Christmas.  She bought me a beautiful throw that is “thrown” on my camel back sofa.  Luxurious can mean many different things.  Just find one that you can snuggle up in on a rainy day, but helps to add a punch to your room when not in use.


So there we are!  I think I scored a 3 out of 10, but hey, I still have a month!!  If you’re also entering into your 30’s and need help checking some of these great items off your list, go visit our website and we would LOVE to help!


Posted by: Amy B.

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