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Are you considering updating your kitchen and giving it a fresh, new look? Find inspiration for your renovation or remodel in our list of kitchen interior design trends for 2024. We also provide an overview of some kitchen trends on the way out so you can avoid outdated elements and make design choices that will feel modern and stylish for years to come. 

Emerging Kitchen Trends in Interior Design Fans Should Watch Out For 

Open Concept Kitchens: Embracing Connectivity and Flow

Walls? What for? In 2024, open kitchens continue to reign supreme as the preferred layout for modern kitchens. According to a study by Houzz, two out of five homeowners want to make their kitchens more open. The most common reasons cited for this design choice are to make their kitchens more functional and more suitable for entertaining. 

Spacious open-concept kitchens seamlessly integrate cooking, dining, and living areas, fostering a sense of togetherness and social interaction. They promote flow and connectivity, allowing for easy movement and conversation between family members and guests.

Eco-friendly Materials: Stylish and Sustainable Choices

One of the top kitchen trends in 2024 is eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Reclaimed wood cabinets, recycled glass countertops, bamboo flooring and other “green” options not only breathe new life into a kitchen but also showcase the owner’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. 

Smart Kitchen Appliances: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. These high-tech gadgets make cooking a breeze, such as refrigerators with built-in tablets, automatic pan stirrers, voice-controlled microwaves, and smart ovens with a live in-oven camera. With these high-tech appliances, you can streamline your kitchen tasks, saving you time and effort. 

Colorful Cabinets: Add Personality to Your Kitchen

Say goodbye to plain cabinets and hello to vibrant colors! In 2024, colorful cabinets are making a statement in kitchen design. Whether you prefer bold greens or deep blues, adding color to your cabinets can instantly brighten up your kitchen and reflect your unique style.

Wood Cabinets: Classic and Elegant

In 2024, homeowners are embracing the timeless elegance of wood cabinets in rich tones like walnut and lighter shades like white oak. These classic cabinets add warmth and sophistication to any kitchen. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your cabinets will always stay in style. 

Creative Storage Solutions: Maximizing Space and Organization

Efficient storage is essential for keeping your kitchen clutter-free. In 2024, creative storage solutions are taking center stage, offering clever ways to maximize space and organization. Examples include pull-out pantry shelves, walk-in larders and built-in bars. Another exciting kitchen trend gaining traction in 2024 is the library ladder. This is an excellent option for kitchens with high ceilings, as it allows you to make the most of your top cupboards.

Large, Multifunctional Kitchen Islands: The Heart of the Kitchen

In 2024, large and multifunctional kitchen islands are on the rise. These versatile islands not only provide ample workspace for meal preparation but also serve as a gathering place for family and friends. With integrated storage, seating, and even cooking elements, multifunctional islands maximize efficiency and convenience in the kitchen.

The Color Green: A Fresh and Earthy Palette

Green emerges as a dominant color choice for kitchen design in 2024, bringing a fresh and earthy vibe. From soft sage to deep forest hues, green tones add a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. Whether used as an accent color or as the central theme, incorporating green into your kitchen design creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Workstation Sinks: Streamlining Kitchen Tasks

These innovative sinks feature built-in accessories like cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks, making meal prep and cleanup a breeze. With designated areas for each task, workstation sinks streamline kitchen workflows and enhance efficiency without sacrificing style.

Kitchen Countersplash: A Modern Twist on Backsplashes

Move over, traditional backsplashes—2024 brings the rise of the kitchen countersplash. This innovative design trend extends countertop materials vertically to create a seamless and visually striking backdrop for the kitchen. 

Whether using the same material as the countertop or contrasting textures for added dimension, the countersplash adds a modern and cohesive look to any kitchen design. On a practical note, counter splashes are also easy to clean. 

Statement Surfaces: Elevating Visual Impact

Make a bold statement in your kitchen with eye-catching surfaces that demand attention. In 2024, statement surfaces are all the rage, from striking leathered granite to agate and onyx. Choose textures, patterns, and colors that reflect your personality and style on countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. The right combination turns your kitchen into a visual and tactile masterpiece that captivates the senses.

Modular Open Shelves: Versatile Storage Solutions

Modular open shelves remain an excellent option in 2024. These customizable storage solutions offer both practicality and style, allowing you to easily showcase your favorite dishes, cookbooks, and decorative items. Whether mounted on walls or integrated into kitchen islands, modular open shelves add a touch of modernity and flexibility to any kitchen space.

Eat-in Kitchens: Creating Gathering Spaces

Transform your kitchen into a cozy gathering spot with an eat-in area in 2024. Whether it’s a built-in breakfast nook or a banquette, incorporating a dining area within the kitchen encourages family meals and socializing while cooking. Create a welcoming atmosphere with comfortable seating, natural light, and thoughtfully curated decor, making your kitchen the heart of your home.

Plants and Greenery: Bringing the Outdoors In

Embrace the beauty of nature in your kitchen by adding plants and greenery. Indoor plants are popular for adding freshness and vitality to kitchen spaces. From potted herbs on window sills to hanging planters above islands, incorporating greenery into your kitchen decor adds a touch of serenity. It also enhances air quality, creating a healthy and inviting environment.

Recessed Lighting: Illuminating with Style

Illuminate your kitchen with recessed lighting fixtures that blend seamlessly into the ceiling. These versatile lights provide ample illumination while maintaining a sleek and discreet appearance. From task lighting above countertops to ambient lighting in dining areas, recessed lighting enhances functionality and aesthetics, creating a well-lit and inviting space for cooking and entertaining.

Fridge and Dishwasher Drawers: Space-Saving Solutions

Maximize efficiency and save space in your kitchen with fridge and dishwasher drawers. These compact and convenient appliances fit seamlessly into cabinetry, offering easy access to fresh foods and clean dishes while minimizing clutter. With separate drawers for different storage needs, fridge and dishwasher drawers are a practical and stylish addition to modern kitchens.

Slab-front Cabinets: Streamlined Elegance

Achieve a clean and contemporary look in your kitchen with slab-front cabinets in 2024. These sleek and minimalist cabinets feature flat door panels without visible embellishments or hardware, creating a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetic. They’re also a breeze to clean, making them perfect for busy households. Choose from various materials and finishes to complement your kitchen’s style and color palette, adding a touch of understated elegance to the space.

Kitchen Trends: What’s Going Out of Style

Now that we’ve listed some of the most exciting kitchen design trends in 2024, it’s time to detail some trends that have gone–or are fast going–out of style. This list is meant to provide a general idea of what’s currently on the decline in kitchen design so that you can make informed decisions for your own space.

Keep in mind that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and your personal taste and preference still hold the most weight when it comes to choosing the right look for your kitchen

All-white Kitchens

While all-white kitchens have long been a popular choice for their clean and timeless appeal, in 2024, this monochromatic look is losing its luster among many homeowners. Opting for an all-white kitchen can create a sterile and uninspired atmosphere, lacking warmth and personality. Instead, homeowners are embracing more dynamic color palettes and mixed materials to infuse their kitchens with character and charm.

Closed Kitchens

In 2024, closed-off kitchens are becoming a thing of the past as homeowners seek to open up their living spaces and promote connectivity. Closed kitchens, once favored for their privacy and separation from other areas of the home, can feel isolated and outdated in today’s open-concept living environments. Embracing open layouts allows for better flow and interaction between kitchen and living spaces, creating a more inclusive and inviting atmosphere.

High-Contrast Graphic Tile Backsplashes

While graphic tile backsplashes have made a bold statement in kitchens in recent years, in 2024, their high-contrast designs are starting to feel overwhelming. Opting for overly intricate or busy patterns can distract from the kitchen’s overall aesthetic and create visual clutter. Instead, homeowners are gravitating toward simpler, more cohesive backsplash designs that complement, rather than compete with, the rest of the space.

Modern Farmhouse Design

While the modern farmhouse trend has enjoyed widespread popularity for many years, its reign might end in 2024, particularly in urban homes. This rustic-chic aesthetic, characterized by reclaimed wood, shiplap walls and farmhouse sinks, has become quite common. As homeowners seek unique and personalized design solutions, the modern farmhouse style is giving way to a more eclectic mix of influences and materials.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Over-the-range microwaves are losing their appeal as homeowners prioritize sleek and streamlined kitchen aesthetics. These bulky appliances can disrupt the visual flow of the kitchen and detract from the overall design. Instead, homeowners are opting for built-in or countertop microwaves that integrate seamlessly into cabinetry or other appliances, preserving the clean lines of the space.

Stainless-Steel Finishes

While stainless-steel appliances have long been a staple in modern kitchens for their sleek and professional look, in 2024, their popularity is waning. These shiny surfaces can easily show fingerprints and smudges, requiring constant cleaning and maintenance. 

Additionally, stainless-steel finishes can create a cold and sterile atmosphere. As homeowners seek to infuse their kitchens with more warmth and character, alternative finishes like matte black or brushed brass are gaining traction.

Speckled Granite Countertops

In 2024, granite countertops are losing their status as the go-to choice for kitchen surfaces. While granite has long been prized for its durability and natural beauty, its popularity has waned recently due to its limited design options. 

Additionally, granite countertops can feel dated and overly traditional in today’s design landscape. As homeowners explore more innovative and sustainable materials, alternatives like quartz, concrete, and marble are favored for their versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Achieve Your Dream Kitchen With the Help of Experts 

By staying current on kitchen design trends in 2024, you can create a current and inviting kitchen while perfectly reflecting your taste and elevating your home’s functionality and value. 

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