Though we happen to be interior design professionals in Atlanta, it doesn’t mean that we shun the outdoors. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. We love the comfort of relaxing on covered porch, an upstairs balcony or a backyard patio and we are happy that spring is here and summer is knocking on the door, providing us plenty of opportunities to take advantage of our outdoor living spaces. But, true to our form and passion, we do like to dress up these exterior spaces bringing beauty, comfort and functionality to your warm-weather refuge. This summer, incorporate some of these trends to truly experience the beauty of an outdoor living space.

  • Comfortable seating is key to any outdoor space. Incorporate plenty of seating spaces to express the feeling that everybody is welcome to come and relax. This year’s trends include modern wicker furniture, the classic Adirondack chair and inclusion of porch swings in all styles and sizes.
  • Soften up any outdoor space with graphic and vibrant rugs that provide both a cozy place to rest your bare feet and to help define a space.
  • Small tables spread throughout for easy and convenient access eliminates the need to ever have to get up from your favorite porch seat.
  • Strategic lighting can help beautify your space into the later hours. Advances in outdoor lighting technologies allows a variety of choices in flattering illumination.
  • For cool nights on an outdoor deck, include portable heaters that are actually quite striking in appearance. For the backyard, adding a fire pit to your landscape allows the party to continue well into the night.

VRA Interiors can help you find your design style and incorporate any or all of these design ideas that speak to you. For a full design consultation with Atlanta‘s premier interior design service please call us at 877-284-5067. We want to help bring a new look to your life that is fresh but completely you.

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